Why Choose Us

High quality education!

Accredited curriculums by The Department of Education, BJU Press and online Alpha and Omega Publications.

Individualized Attention

Small classroom setting, a tight knit community environment where everyone is loved and accepted

Integral Growth

PCA cares about your child’s spiritual, physical and emotional growth, not just their education.

Biblical Values

Teachers and staff at PCA will model and enforce Christian values that will help your child succeed.

Safe Environment

PCA offers a safe environment for your child’s physical, emotional, and spiritual growth.

Family and Team

PCA is a family team comprised of parents, teachers, staff and students to ensure your child succeeds.

Latest events

Father and Daughter Dance – Precious Moments

During this special time, girls and their daddies had the opportunity to enjoy time together. These little girls were overjoyed to be treated as a princess. These moments’ help fathers affirm their daughter’s identity as the daughters of God, the...

Staff Appreciation Dinner – Fun Times

We appreciate each member of our educational team; each one is equipped with gifts and talents that they have devoted to educate their children in and outside of the classroom. This is why we are so thankful for their lives....

Preschool Field Trip – Ebenecer Farm 2018

We value taking the classroom outside of the four walls by providing children with hands on experience to see theory in real life. Each field trip is designed with educational purposes in mind allowing children to equate learning and fun...


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