Hidden Heroes

In the last few years, I have had the privilege of admiring from afar the amazing work of the teachers and staff at Pneuma Christian Academy. Now as the school’s Dean, I have an up-close view of what it takes to make our wonderful school function so well. Our teaching staff is simply wonderful, committed and above all God-fearing people who understand that their work is valuable in the Kingdom of God. I am certain that as you continue to get to know them throughout the school year, their love for educating your children will become more and more evident.

There is a group within our team that many of you may not know much about. There are many who hold trade secrets in their businesses and chefs who fiercely guard a recipe that makes the sauces or the baked goods so yummy. Here, at Pneuma Christian Academy, the secret sauce comes in the variety of people who bring their A game each and every day.

I know that it is not a secret that we have an amazing team, but I want to underscore that the team spirit among our staff is the fuel that keeps us running each day, most specially on those days when we are challenged from every front. At this time, I would like to highlight the work done by some of the superstars who diligently work behind the scenes.

Let me start with Ms. Delfina. She is responsible for maintenance. In today’s COVID world, she is our frontline defense. She spends the entire day walking around cleaning surfaces, bathrooms, doors and walls; anything that is frequently touched finds her strong vigorous hands scrubbing the invisible germs out of it. She ends the day by making sure each classroom is clean and disinfected, ready for the next day’s activities. She does all this with a positive attitude and desire to keep us all germ and virus free as is humanly possible.

Then there is Ms. Berta. Most of you know who she is, but you may not know all that she does. Ms. Berta helps us stay on track with all the administrative work that some of us, aka me, don’t enjoy. She’s great at it and she keeps me up-to-date on all the things that are due and coming up. She has an uncanny ability to see things that others don’t see. Most valuable to me is that she can see ahead and stop things from becoming problems. Her eye and ear for details helps us do the day to day but also plan ahead which means that things run smoothly. This in turn helps parents and students enjoy the school without ever knowing that a potential problem has been averted.

Then there is Ms. Paola. This year she has taken on more duties on behalf of Pneuma Christian Academy by providing administrative support. She is constantly learning, working on a project, guiding people, answering phones, and essentially directing traffic. I see her as being at the control tower, carefully guiding as teachers, staff and parents come through the school, leading them correctly to the right place with a joyful heart and kind attitude.

Lastly is Ms. Evelyn, although very definitely not least, who has a wonderful and pleasant nature and work in managing our finances. She is highly dependable and constant. Not only can she do that well, but she is also always available to be a sounding board to those who need some encouragement. Her ability to recognize something positive in everyone makes an impromptu meeting in the hallway a time to be uplifted and recognized.

We truly have a great team and I look forward to continuing working together with them during the remainder of the school year. Please visit our Instagram or Facebook page to learn more about our teaching staff through our video series “Meet Our Teachers.”


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