Looking into the Future

As we wind down our first few months of school, I pause to reflect on God’s goodness. It has been a few months filled with many emotions, joy, nervousness, perhaps a bit of fear, and uncertainty but through it all, the One who remains constant is God. I have seen His goodness in the details and in the big picture. As the entire Pneuma Christian Academy team labored the weeks before, preparing the classrooms, the curriculum, going over all of the new procedures regarding the pandemic and planning for both in-person and distance learning, we were held together by a common value.

Pneuma Christian Academy’s educational philosophy is based on the value of having a generational mindset. The staff and I have meditated on Deuteronomy 6:4-9, a word from God on how all generations are to forge ahead in raising up a new generation of God-fearing people who seek to honor and love Him with all that is within them. We understand that God has called us to work in the present for a future generation – this is what a generational mindset is.

When the teachers and staff look at your children, we see into the future. We pray and ask God to help us guide them while they are here with us, to value each one as His treasure and possession. We are so grateful for each parent who entrusts us with their kids. Remember that we are partnering with you in this wonderful adventure of raising up God’s children.

These first few months have not been without difficulties, but in each challenge and success I have found Him who is good, trustworthy and constant. I hope that you will join us in standing in His promises. In Ephesians 6, we learn about putting on the armor of God. In verse 13 it says that when you have done all to stand, keep on standing (my paraphrase); I love this. It conjures up an image of standing with God as we dig our heels into His strength and vision for future generations. We trust in God to stand, and we continue to stand.

I thank God for you and I urge you to remain vigilant in prayer and joyful in the hope we profess in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. 

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