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We accept Step up, Mc Kay and PLSA scholarships. Your scholarship is deducted from the annual tuition and the balance is divided in the number of months of the school year.

Discounts are available for families with more than 1 child. 5% discount on total annual costs for the each additional child.

Middle School

FrequencyMiddle School
Annual TuitionAnnual$8,595.00


At Pneuma Christian Academy our available courses prepare students for college and careers, giving them a variety of options that guide them to choose from a wide branch of elective subjects, languages, career branches and technical education.

Middle School

During this crucial developmental stage, PCA integrates social and emotional learning that supports every student’s transition. This dynamic way of guiding children decreases problem behaviors and promotes school success, all of this in a safe and supportive environment.


Pneuma Christian Academy Middle School aims to train young people to have a generational mentality that encourages them to develop their own intellect and relationship with God so that they are ready for their own future, allowing them to give back to their community—to those that paved the road before them, as well as to those who will come after them.

3rd -8th grade

Ignitia is a versatile online Christian curriculum and learning management system with dynamic, Christ-centered lessons and interactive features designed to serve teachers and students in elementary and middle.

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