Preparing My Student for the MAP Assessment

How do we evaluate the academic growth of students at Pneuma Christian Academy?

We start with the premise that every process must be monitored to verify its effectiveness.

Every educational institution has established parameters and goals to meet by a specific time. Reviewing the process helps us understand how well it is working.

The instrument we use here at PCA to assess and measure achievement of academic goals is called MAP Growth – “Measure Student Growth and Performance”. This takes place 3 times a year in the fall, winter, and spring.


How can you prepare your child for the MAP assessment?

These are some points that could help you:

Know what to expect: information on when this evaluation will take place is sent home regularly. You should know the following:

  • Name of the evaluation and what it will be measuring
  • Test format: multiple choices, short answers, etc.
  • How your child is preparing at school for the assessment
  • The standard qualification of the test
  • When you will have the results


Time to rest:

The students who have the most difficulties on exam days are those who did not get enough sleep or did not have a good breakfast that day. Your child should be physically and mentally ready for the test. As well as have the necessary tools ready, such as a fully charged computer and (if required) a working calculator. The rest will be provided at the school.


Establish a study routine: 

Establish a study routine and practice critical thinking. Challenge your children’s critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Reading and comprehension play an essential role in this type of test. Encourage your child to read and consider any material like magazines or comics if your child avoids books. Have a conversation with your child about his ideas and opinions about what to read.


Review previous assessment reports: 

If your child made little progress in a particular area, you could provide exercises that reinforce that area, give your child opportunities to practice, and ask your teacher for support. Our staff would be glad to provide any guidance that you and your family may need.


Finally, be positive and trust your child: 

It may be that as parents we worry, and that is normal, but we should not transmit that to our children. The best results are obtained from confident and relaxed students. If your child does not handle the stress of this test well, teaching him relaxation techniques is a good option so that he can self-regulate. If your child is not feeling physically well on the day of the test, let the school know. It is preferable that his test be reassigned to another day.


You can click on this link to learn more about the MAP assessment.

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